About Us

Giant Engineering was established in 1985 manufacturing parts for earthmoving equipment, a practice that still continues to date. In 1990 Giant Engineering started with structural steel engineering and manufacturing. In 2004 Giant Engineering diversified and incorporated prefabricated timber roof trusses into their line of business. Giant Engineering expanded the truss plant to offer lightweight steel roof trusses to the industry in 2013.
The demand for more complex truss profiles is a result of trends moving towards unusual roof lines and roof shapes. The main benefit of our products is that it differs from the accepted practice that a roof has to be designed by an engineer or architect. At Giant Engineering a team of experts provide designs and quotations for roof trusses. All our staff is proficient at providing roof truss solutions that are cost effective and practical to install. Giant Engineering use state of the art computer software supplied by MiTek Industries South Africa (Pty) Ltd. that is capable of providing unparalleled graphical outputs and displays.
We can produce some of the most detailed layouts, incorporating any customer’s personal requirements to make installation of the roof trusses as simple as possible. Giant Engineering’s roof truss manufacturing facility situated next to the Wonderboom Airport is one of the most efficient factories in the industry. Our factory has the capacity to produce roof trusses up to 22 meters long and 4.5 meters high in one piece. All roof truss deliveries are made promptly and efficiently using a custom build trailer and we also provide unloading on site. We also install your roof and an approved engineering approval certificate comes as an added bonus with the purchase of our factory product.